Using Recycle plastic for Electric Vehicles

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Plastic Pollution
In and around the globe we are finding different issues that we are facing with "Plastic Pollution" which is affecting (causing Land - affecting the land fertility, water pollution- affecting the aquatic animals) the surroundings and the environment.

We all know that there are a different type of pollutions (Air, Water, Land etc.) that are affecting the earth's environment.  Nowadays we are hearing plastic waste (as we are using for our daily requirements) which is causing a major pollution in our surroundings.
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Development of Electric vehicles
In the new phase of the development around the globe, the new era of developing the technology for reducing the carbon emissions and for the climate change. In this process, we are developing the electric vehicle for the carbon footprint reduction which is causing the major pollution in urban cities.

Including in EV Policy 
Most of the countries are developing their own Electric vehicle policy in order to promote the electric vehicles, and proper guidelines for the users, EV manufacturers and service provides (Charging stations) for smooth usage of EV's. There are a number of recycling units are present in different countries which are developing different plastic recycled products.
In this process, if we can consider using the recycled plastic for the developing the "Electric vehicles" and its spare parts which will user eco-friendly to the environment having a wide scope for recycling and with this there wont be much required in producing new polymers for the plastic product manufacturing in around the world. It is not only benefiting the environment but technically it will increase the mileage of the vehicle w.r.t the lightweight components, will be having the same mechanical strength compared with a metallic structure.
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 Different types of polymers and its usage of developing different polymer products

Manufacturing electric vehicle using recycled plastic is one of my conceptual ideas and developing an EV prototype using recycled plastic. I request to comment below and share your views on this concept.
If anyone has implemented this methodology please share your views to make it more effective and reduce the pollution level across the globe.