Transparent Airbus in 2050

Airbus recently unveiled its vision for air travel in 40 years’ time, and should their predictions ring true, those with vertigo can forget about flying by 2050.
Planes in 2050 will feature see-through plane cabins, holographic pop-up gaming displays and seats that change in size and shape to fit each passenger, according to the company.
The concept design was unveiled in London this week and takes similar flight forecasts, made this time last year, several steps further.
 Airbus' 2010 predictions about commercial flight
Airbus future plane

Transparent cabin walls

As suggested in CNNGo’s own in-flight wish list published earlier this month, the plane of the future is fitted with transparent cabin walls that provide passengers with some of the most amazing views of the earth we’ll ever see.
Passengers with vertigo who want to shut out the panoramic views can opt to turn their seats into holographic pods, rendering their sitting area opaque.
That’s great, but unless the seats have built-in potties, nervous travelers will still have to make the potentially terrifying trek from their seats to the lavatory.
Instead of being directed to our seats by cabin crew, passengers of the future can locate their seat by hand-print scanners that display images of the seating layout.
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Airbus plane in 2050

Classless future

Gone are the class divisions between first, business and economy cabins. Instead, the plane of the future is separated into themed zones.
A "Vitalizing" zone is practically a spa, with mood lighting, vitamin-enriched air and aromatherapy and acupuncture treatments.
future of flight by Airbus

Holographic games

An "Interactive" zone has a fully stocked bar and offers electronic games such as virtual golf.
Passengers in the "Smart Tech Zone" get to work with colleagues or even read bedtime stories to their kids remotely via holographics and sound showers.
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Airbus plane of future

Seats that morph to your body

Morphing seats will adapt to suit the passenger's travel budget and their body shape, providing different levels of comfort and space.
While not explaining how these wild imaginings can be turned into reality, Airbus claims that some of these renderings can be achieved with minimal environmental impact.
planes of the future
For more details, refer to The Future by Airbus website.