Current State of Global Warming


In my perspective, the condition of the world environment has become a very high critical state which takes a longer period to get back its own position that needs a long continuous process he gets back into the original state of the earth nature for a better replacement.
the consumption of fossil fuels [like coal, petroleum, natural gas, and others] is more while comparing to the utilization of the renewable resources is very less which is very minute. his make the environment become so critical and causing the linked effects to the humans and other living things on the earth are facing.

Man is the one who is creating new things and developing nature in such a way that he is trying to reach the galaxies and but not finding the right solution to the problem that was placed near to him.

The fossil fuels and the other different kinds of gases that are present inside the earth's environment is up to some extent and the extraction of the fuel is also limited to some quantities only. The utilization of the fuel is used in such a way that the total amount of fuel is divided into two different types one is useful and the other is non-useful.

1. The fuel is used for all kind of man needs and convenience
2. This is for the use of the destruction within than for the requirement of the fuel than this there is no other reason for the wars.

POWER has become the main source of survival for man in the present era of the human generation. Here the man's industrial development is gradually increased but at the same time, man has gradually increased the sensitivity of the natural protective layer [ozone layer].


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