MARS makes a future space exploration

According to Robert Zubrin who was a NASA scientist working for a past 10 years on going to mars.who wrote more number of books on mars saying about the survival, conditions, and more books like the "MARS a road trip"

There is a chance of settling over MARS and its also one of the best place to spread the life of human kind just like EARTH. It is having all kinds of resources like water, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other more gases that are required to the survival to the human kind and other living organisms or the species. After earth i feel that mars is the safe zone for the better civilization in our solar system.

With the help of R.Zubrin views and the equipment which was designed for the production of the rocket fuel to the space vehicles from the atmosphere of Martin for the re-journey to the earth and with the success journey towards mars more other countries joins this mission to develop the atmospheric conditions of mars.

With this another best step into the space the life of the human kind can be spread for MOON TO MARS, and from there to Jupiter's moon's. So that on doing this type of mission the man can make his journey deep into the space and developing the technology and more physical conditions. and into the deep search for the what is present in the universe and chance of gaining more amount of aerospace technical knowledge to travel from one Galaxies to other, one solar system to other with a few days, months or years but not decades or centuries.
With a systematic way developing the journey towards mars we can reach to the mars with six month according to my assumptions and ideas. On travelling to mars first we have to develop the and enlarge the present International space Station [ISS] into a wast once and should become a space junction to travel from one planet to another.

After developing the ISS we have to make the development towards to moon for another ISS-01 in lunar orbit. Here we have make a lunar colonies on the north pole of the moon and it is the better place for the survival and  we know that there is more amount of the fuel and raw material like helium, iron, and more radio active material means there is a chance of availability of  uranium and thorium also on the moon which was conformed on launching the satellite from INDIA called as "CHANDRAYANA". This makes an another step of making the space ship and larger size powered up with nuclear reactors and can make a light space travel space ships and reach to the target destination at a shorter period of time.

For the requirement of the fuel to the space vehicle will be supplied from the lunar fuel storage bunkers and lifted up with a space bridge which will be present on moon and earth. Construction of the space bridge on moon will be easier then earth because there is no presence of the atmosphere, air velocity,

Then coming to next step ISS-02 is setup in martins orbit with two gigantic space ships which will be present in the earth's orbit and the other will be at the martin's orbit  for the space exploration and experiments so on.Constructing three space bridges on the the three planets can decrease the consumption of the fuel for the material transportation and other requirements to the astronauts in space.

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