Carbon Foot Prints

Carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases that are directly and indirectly supporting human activities which is expressed in terms of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon credits
Carbon credits are trade able permit schemes that are developed by the governments to greenhouse gases that are generated by the fossil fuel based power generating companies, Transportation system that run on fossil and many more dependable divisions. Carbon credits create a market and each credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide either removed from the atmosphere or saved from emitting. These credits are certificates awarded to countries that are successful in reducing the carbon emission.

Need of carbon credits
Millions of years ago the planet with the nature has managed to regulate the concentration levels of the greenhouse gases through sources and sinks. Carbon is in the form of CO2 and methane which is available in rotten vegetables, volcanoes, burning of fossil fuels and other organic matter.

Some of the basic common queries that are raised by the people are as follow
What do you mean by carbon dioxide?
The combination of carbon molecules with two oxygen molecules forms carbon dioxide. It is a order less gas vital to life on earth. This naturally occurring chemical compound is composed of a carbon atoms covalently doubled bonded to two oxygen atoms.

How can we reduce you carbon footprints?
1. Finding different alternatives to drive for regular travel to office or college (E-vehicles, walk for short distance or public transport)
2. Driving with low carbon emission vehicles
3. Choose the best mode of your drive (Economy, Faster, Sport etc.)
4. Avoid traffic

With the help of the above ways you can able to reduce the carbon footprints while you are driving.
How can we reduce carbon dioxide emission?
There are three methods are can help in reducing the carbon emissions are energy efficiency and conservation, using carbon free energy resources, capturing and storing the carbon from the atmosphere.

We need to consume the energy efficiency products and using the electric operating products at a particular time in a day so that the cost of energy bills will be reduced and reduce the load on based load generating power plants. Most of the research and development companies that developing the new product that captures the carbon and dust in the environment. This helps in reduce the health issues in the country.

Fossil fuel burning in modern times 
In the present scenario the usage of the hydrocarbon fuels are increased drastically from the industrial revolution time to present technological revolution of modern age. Carbon sinks is not up to the mark and the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have risen dramatically leading to an enhanced greenhouse effect which will result in very rapid warming of world’s climate.
If the temperatures increase more and more the unsafe locations are expected to a high end national security in stake. The results are intensified droughts and floods, changed weather patterns, agricultural breakdown, ecosystem disruption, rising sea levels, epidemics, and social breakdowns that ultimately threaten the lives or livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people.

The financial market developed a unique methodology to control the CO2 emission that had created the carbon credit market across the world. The concept will provide individual targets to the companies, countries and individuals. Those who are implementing this concept will be provided financial incentives by the respective government.
The main goal of this concept id to reduce the CO2 emissions and encourage the compliance and financial managers to carry out the cost effective emission reduction strategies and provide incentives to develop the means can inexpensively reduced.

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