Life in our solar system in my PERSPECTIVE


From where thelife came from. in my point of the life may be came from the sun and it is transfering from one place to the another from one planet to the other. Mercury to venus to earth to mars to jupter and as follows. depending upon the type of the solar system conditions and the behaviour of the sun as it is ageing further in the process of becoming a death star in the coming billion years.

With the help of the present technology we can able to move from one place to the other in a unqieu technology that make us to travel and sound speed and we are trying to move and light speed.  We need to develop a cosomological principal that root of life will be created and it will be transfered all over the galaxy to spread the human evolution. there are different possibility that made the life on a specific conditions. here the life formed on earth itself or in any other metorological colonies.


If you look through the chemistry we can ask a basic question that "what is the chemical composition of the life that we can leading now on earth?" whaether this will be the same or changes from time to time in different location of the universe. Man is the unique creature that was developed on earth who is very intelligent. But still he needs to know more things where he came from and how his home is made of in this unknow universe. 

Source: The topic is expressed in authors own wordings with his knowledge and experience

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