Removing Poverty in India

“Poverty” is one of the tough word in the human life that most of the developing and now developed countries are facing in the modern ages. Governments and high talent experts are working on the reducing the Below Proverty Line (BPL).

Politicial leaders are giving comments that we can able to sustain a day with Rs 10 or Rs 20 meal per day. This is the comment is given becasue they are having the food at a subsidy rate in parliment canteens.

 Indian Parliment canteen prices


The above susbidy rates are more provided to the members of parliment. And most of the smae subsidy rate are provided to all other government organisations. If the same subsidy rates only applicable to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) then you can able to find a better solution  in reducing the povert in India or in any other country. In order to encourage begging, the government and top MNCs or any business developers in the country should have find a better solution with their high end experts that government and private is imposing investements on advisors.  So that we can able to convert those 10.5 crs of below poverty line population into employees or earners.