Earth will never Die but we are making it

Image result for earth in pollution
Most of us are thinking that the earth is going to end/die in different possible situations like 
  • Space rock hitting the earth, 
  • Solar flairs 
  • Volcanic eruptions 
  • World Wars
  • Alien invasion 
  • Exoplanet entering into the solar system
  • Vega galaxy coming towards Milkyway galaxy
  • Climate change can cause high-level droughts or Tunamis or rise in sea levels etc.
  • Human space exploration to new planets and exo-planets 
  • New intelligent life form better than humans 
The above are the different possible or upcoming to the piles of earth future. before that man himself is dying and damaging the total ecosystem in his surroundings with his un-conditional activities. 

All these are shown or highlighted via visual effects on sci-fi movies, documentaries which are getting more profits by taking this kind of issue and different researchers are saying that there might be possible in the future. But all of them are assumptions that might be true or may not be. But climate change is so real that we can experience the change and impact ourselves. 

There will be some of the effects that will damage the earth to some extent but the earth will survive not the man on earth.


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