Visakhapatnam Hills are shields, getting damaged due to city development

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Visakhapatnam is a coastal region of Andhra Pradesh that is located in India. Visakhapatnam is also called as the Vizag the green city of Andhra Pradesh. And the district is continuously affecting by the different high damaged cyclones from the history to present. After the hood-hood cyclone, there was vast damage in the district. As it is gradually recovering well but in the process of development of the city heavy construction are being made which required more raw materials for the construction. To meet the requirements they are collapsing the hills in around the district and crushed stone is used for the construction purpose. This is affecting the climate and decreasing the resistance to face climate impacts like cyclones and many other devastations in the coastal regions. More developments are done near to the coastal region.  

The greenery is slowly decade in the coastal region due to the increase of constructions and city developments which is increase water and land pollution. The public need to get aware of the issues which are taking in their hometowns.  

All the coastal regions that well protected and well maintained that reduces the impact of any kind of devastation that may occur in the present or in the future.

Affects with this issue

  1. Increase in land slidings and mostly danger to the cities or towns location beside the hills
  2. An increase in high cyclones, increase the damage level, decreases the protection to the coastal regions. 

Suggestions to the Building constructors / Builders/ Architects

  1. You need to develop a different strategy that helps in consuming the hills or small mountains used for the foundation purpose
  2. Making the buildings self-sustainable, Energy efficient, and making the construction more economical
  3. If you are constructing any house or building it should not affect the surroundings or environment
  4. Increase the plantation around the city and rural location to reduce the high raise of temperature issues.
  5. We request the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry Departement to take this into account and minimize the issues like the above in various locations in India
  6. Usage of fly ash bricks are economical instead of Mud bricks and reduced the time of construction which are high quality, high strength, etc.
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